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Our Mission

ER-Consult was founded for the purpose of supporting potential clients with problem solving solutions and to provide assistance in project management and site organization.

We offer more than 15 years of experience in automotive project management and body shop production line installation. At ER-Consult, we make it a priority to listen to the customers’ needs and to propose a quick and cost effective solution to meet those requirements.

We are legally allowed to operate in every state in the US, and our permanent residency also allows ER-Consult to operate and perform in any other country as well.

Automotive Project Management

Every State in the USA

Problem Solving Solutions

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Sascha Reineke



Company Information

Business development

ER-consult offer different fields of support for professional Business development, networking, advertising and Market research. This Service will be based on strong network and research skills.
Even new Franchisees can benefit and will lead to on the right path to success.

Small and midsize company restructuring

Leuschnerdamm 13, 10999 Berlin, Germany


Professional project & construction site lead

ER-Consult offer professional Project management stemming from 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. Project management from beginning to buy off, include Project reports, cost, material and manpower overview for the entire Project duration. Strong communication skills to both the direct customer, and end-customer will be used to communicate important facts of the current Project situation.

Temporary interim positions

ER-Consult offer temporary Interim positions for small and midsize companies. The limitation will be between 6 and 18 months. The customer can keep his company in business until the vacant positions are filled. ER-Consult also works with several management recruiting companies to support the replacement process for the customers needs. The Interim position will be professional and discreet and will operate with professional reporting and communication skills.

Production output and support analysis

ER-Consult offer to analyze the customers production lines, cycle time, maintenance, preventive maintenance, spare parts, downtime, production Process itself, and part supply. This analysis will be shared with a detailed report and possible implementations and solutions. Based on the customers wish, ER-Consult can also support and implement the shared report and agreed changes.


Business Development

Project Management

Temporary Interim Positions

Preventive Maintenance

Meet Us

About Our Founder

Sascha Reineke

Automotive is my passion!

With 1991 my path into the Car manufacturing got created. With starting my electrical education at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany. During the beginning of my career have I had experienced to be a Production worker in the Bodyshop as well in Assembly Lines before I started the Construction site lead / Project lead.

During the past 22 years I have had the chance to travel the world and attended Projects in several countries, like China, Poland, South Africa, etc. In 2014 I had made the decision to settle down in the USA, the country of Opportunities, and started to build up one more time a career. Next to ER-Consult, I am sharing my experience through Zues.